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Zombie Cop
The office was dimly lit. A fan wobbled lazily overhead, and a wreath of smoke had gathered like a private smog beneath the hat-brim of the man lounging behind the desk.
May Abernathy knocked daintily before she entered, pausing in the doorway and throwing a truly dramatic silhouette.
"I'm looking for a private detective," she drawled. "They tell me you're a man who - gets results."
The seated figure stirred only a little, turning to look at her. His eyes seemed to glow in the smoky shadows, almost as brightly as the end of his cigarette.
"Are you the man?" She asked, when he made no response.
On the wall, a clock ticked noisily; sounds of traffic filtered sluggishly in through the windows. Finally, he opened his mouth.
"Unnnnnh," Harvey Curtain groaned, slowly creaking to his feet. The movement cleared the smoke and she saw a face that was long-nosed, strong-jawed, and slightly grey. Oddly empty eyes stared at her from beneath thick, mysterious eyebrows. A little tendril of smoke wove
:iconqueen-of-marigold:Queen-of-Marigold 1 2
Another Limerick
There once was a slow-driving hearse
Whose windows were covered with verse
And the poet inside
Who had tragically died
Thus ensured that the mourners felt worse
:iconqueen-of-marigold:Queen-of-Marigold 2 15
Survival - Prologue
Risk leaned back in his chair, smiling lazily at the camera, knowing how much his casual attitude in meetings irritated the executives. He was trying to win them over today, but he couldn't let them know that. So he behaved as he usually did, showy and overconfident. Their faces on the monitor were wry, thinking they were in for another punishing hour of his cocky attitude.
'Friends,' he said, though they were certainly no friends of his, 'My project is all but complete.'
A few faces perked up a little - others fell. Opinions about his 'project' were mixed.
'We're ready to release the bacteria. A controlled dose, of course,' he smiled as charmingly as he could manage. 'In a small section, only over a few blocks. We have men already in the power station and the telephone companies, and scattered through the local emergency services.'
Some executives were beginning to look interested. Risk tried very hard to keep the confidence from his voice.
'Doctor Murfet assures me of the program's s
:iconqueen-of-marigold:Queen-of-Marigold 1 2
Memo To Myself
don't fade away!
eat vitamins
walk in the sun
make the time
to take the time
to breathe
and be
the beauty
that surrounds you
recapture your spark!
eat with your hands and
talk to strangers
from the proper angle
every face looks like
an angel's
each moment
bears the makings
of a miracle
have a little faith!
throw caution to the wind
leap without looking
life would lack for love
without a little
find the future
full of feeling
at your fingertips
:iconqueen-of-marigold:Queen-of-Marigold 10 15
Put That On My Tab
The explosion caught everyone's attention. Shards of flaming debris rocketed out from the blast site and the sound alone was enough to knock people to the ground. Shaking shattered glass from her hair, Elizabeth quickly found where her gun had landed and ran to the door. In the room behind her, the previously disinterested diners were screaming and clutching one another. Outside, the only sounds were the roaring of the fires and the heavy stamp of the approaching soldiers. With a little sigh she crossed the room once more, ducking through the kitchen and into the alley, wishing she'd had a chance at least to finish her meal.
:iconqueen-of-marigold:Queen-of-Marigold 2 19
Knifeeven Stamp by Queen-of-Marigold Knifeeven Stamp :iconqueen-of-marigold:Queen-of-Marigold 2 2
Saga Chapter 15 - Experiences
The child was cowering when he found it, huddled at the alley's end, trying to be small and inconspicuous. He couldn't tell if it was a boy or a girl - it was encrusted with grime from head to foot.
"There's no point in running," he said grimly. The child began to cry and for the first time in his life Shadow felt real pity. Despite her wretchedness he had never pitied Katie, even in the beginning, because she had rallied so well and proven her strength even from that first day. But Katie would have sympathised with this little urchin, she would have despised Shadow for what he had intended to do. No matter to her that the child was an agent of the Agents, or that it had killed people with those tiny, grasping hands. Katie would have scolded him, and said it was not the child's fault but that of a society which allowed its offspring to starve on the streets.
With a growl he pushed throughts of her away, and the child whimpered with fear.
"I didn't do it," it wailed. "Wasn't me, I didn'
:iconqueen-of-marigold:Queen-of-Marigold 2 4
Mature content
Carnivorous :iconqueen-of-marigold:Queen-of-Marigold 2 11
gumtrees lean overhead
a leafy green tunnel
a eucalyptus wave
gusting wind
blossoms cover the road
snow out of season
white shapes dot
the cockatoo-tree
no vacancies tonight
a collapsing cottage
with the mortar
memories crumble
:iconqueen-of-marigold:Queen-of-Marigold 0 6
They breathed in unison. All over the city, all over the planet, the bots were breathing together. They moved and walked and spoke as their individual programming dictated, but their breathing was synchronised, in and out with the constancy of a ticking clock. She was in her twenties when she first managed to make her own working robot and it breathed with inexorable regularity. In out. In out. In out.
"Hello," it said. In out. "Are you my mother?"
She laughed.
"The female creator of my form," it insisted, "The instantiator of my existence. Are you my mother?"
She had to concede that she was, although the term made her uneasy.
In out. In out. It breathed just like all the other bots did.
Without access to the research databases, she had made a very basic effort at its programming, and that meant it needed to be taught.
"Do I have a name?" It asked her, as she was showing it how to clean the windows. It was standing very close. She could hear it breathing in out, in out.
"No. Would you
:iconqueen-of-marigold:Queen-of-Marigold 188 165
Mature content
Room 330 :iconqueen-of-marigold:Queen-of-Marigold 2 12
Siren's Song
I slipped on soft feet to the silver-lit stream where the siren lay waiting, escaped from my dream.
"I'm sleepless with sorrow," she sang with a sigh, submitting her sins to the stars in the sky,
"Oh the secrets I've shared I should never have told, and the songs I've forgotten, the lies I have sold
Oh seducing lost sailors for pleasure or gold
Oh slitting their throats, oh their corpses so cold...
So the scars on my skin are a slight price indeed, hardly fair compensation for malice and greed
Have sympathy for me," she begged as she stood, this seaweed-nymph so out of place in the wood.
Then she shrugged and she sighed, and turned to flee
Back to sun-whitened sands that kiss up to the sea
Without even so much as a glance back at me.
:iconqueen-of-marigold:Queen-of-Marigold 8 32
A Time Before Time
Every culture has stories, that have grown and changed over time just as the people who tell them have grown and changed. They reveal more than you could imagine about the nature of the teller and their world, but that is not the reason that you have brought me here today. You asked me here to tell stories. I will tell you the stories that laid the foundations for all others. I will tell you the first stories.
There was a time before time, when men and beasts and the stars themselves did not exist. The very earth was nothing - there was only the realm of the gods, a garden of beauty surpassing anything ever witnessed by the mortal eye. It was here that the immortal beings resided, wiling away the ages with the passtimes they are known as the patrons of. The Carver with his knife, ever replenishing the pieces broken in War's vicious games. History watched from the sidelines, gathering dust, waiting for the times when she would grow tired of the game and then she would consent to dancing
:iconqueen-of-marigold:Queen-of-Marigold 3 7
five minutes more
when she played
the angels stopped their work
and gathered round to hear her song
and I never could decide
where spirit ended and her flesh began
or if she were
an angel all along
:iconqueen-of-marigold:Queen-of-Marigold 4 9
Knifeeven CSS by Queen-of-Marigold Knifeeven CSS :iconqueen-of-marigold:Queen-of-Marigold 5 5 Thank You, SuziBlu by Queen-of-Marigold Thank You, SuziBlu :iconqueen-of-marigold:Queen-of-Marigold 0 6

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Lisajen-stock's Urban legends contest
the promo video:
Our newest contest is all about urban legends..
:tombstone: CONTEST THEME :tombstone:
Create your own urban legend, or use an existing urban legend as an inspiration for your piece of art.
If you create your own urban legend, a little story would be appreciated with it :)
It can be about anything.
Sites with lots of info on urban legends:
:tombstone: CONTEST RULES  :tombstone:
:pointr: Your entry has to be a new deviation
:pointr: You have to use our stock as a reference for y
:iconlisajen-stock:Lisajen-stock 43 22
Dream Child by Inchelina Dream Child :iconinchelina:Inchelina 155 63
.: Spring (CSS) Contest
"If you've never been thrilled to the very edges of your soul by a flower in spring bloom, maybe your soul has never been in bloom." (Audra Foveo)</b>
Spring is just around the corner and as my last contest took place already a long time ago: here is the next contest :iconflowerdanceplz:
:pointr: The Rules
Make the layout for a dA Journal, you don't need to make the code You can enter with 2 entries(but only one will win)Do not copy any existing layouts, be creative on your ownExplain functional stuff(like hovers) in the journal descriptionCredit all stock, brush, texture etc artists!Submit your entry to your gallery and send the link via note(!) to ginkgografixDeadline is April the 30th at midnight (CET)Your journal entry should contain at least three of the keywords listed in my journal(you can choose in which way, state them in your description)
:iconginkgografix:ginkgografix 34 27
Willows whisper woes
among grass that grows, never
to become tallest.
:iconmonkgryphon:monkgryphon 2 1
Ice Race
私により近いスライド; 無数の年齢は氷河の前に入れる。
Slide closer to me;
countless ages will slip by
before the glacier.
:iconmonkgryphon:monkgryphon 4 4
Two of Wands by puimun Two of Wands :iconpuimun:puimun 1,144 155 Beings by HenarTorinos Beings :iconhenartorinos:HenarTorinos 532 148 YUNA by pat-mcmichael YUNA :iconpat-mcmichael:pat-mcmichael 1,008 207
Today I went down to the Bureau of Words to trade in my autumn onomatopoeia. Usually I put it off until at least the end of November, but this year the squelch-thud of my boots in the mounds of soggy leaves brought me up sharp. I went home, gathered my dry snaps, crackles and swooshes, as well as the cheerful spthooshk of a water balloon left over from August and headed down to the department. The rain hurried down to meet my umbrella, an excellent winter sound for which I had no words. But that would soon change.
The stooped man at the front desk greeted me with a finger to his lips. "We're running the barnyard tests, so we've got to be very quiet. Get me?"
I nodded. Fortunately, the entire antechamber of the Bureau is soundproofed, so my rubber soled boots made no sound on the white carpeted floor despite leaving a great deal of mud.
"What do you have in mind for me today? I'm here for the seasonal trade-in deal."
"Well, we've got snow falling on cedars, rain dripping into a puddle o
:iconsqueak-the-freak:Squeak-the-Freak 227 165
discarded news
maybe the paperboy
has exploded
:iconbogbrush:Bogbrush 12 58
March Limerick Contest Ahoy!
fllnthblnk presents the March Limerick Contest!
March is here! That means Spring is around the corner, St. Patrick's Day in  a couple of weeks, and green green green should be blooming everywhere. And why not celebrate the month of green with some light-hearted fun with limericks! Everyone's heard of them, but they can be darn tricky like them leprechauns.
Here is a contest to show me what you've got! Concoct an awesome limerick; a strict adherence to form will be scrutinized. What are the rules regarding limericks exactly?
According to dA, limericks are  "light-hearted poems of five anapestic lines, usually with the rhyme scheme 'a-a-b-b-a.'"
For a more in-depth analysis, visit this link to's definition of a limerick:
Now that you've got that down, here is an example of a limerick by an anonymous author:
    The limerick packs laughs anatomical
    Into spac
:iconfllnthblnk:fllnthblnk 47 65
Fairy Parade Necklace by earthenwood Fairy Parade Necklace :iconearthenwood:earthenwood 421 62 Medieval Planetary Talismans by Ellygator Medieval Planetary Talismans :iconellygator:Ellygator 649 324



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WARNING! (if you got a comment with a link!)

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 27, 2009, 10:21 PM
There has been some kind of scam rubbish making the rounds of dA, comments being left saying something like "rofl this may be relevant to your interests" - DO NOT CLICK ON THIS LINK.
And if you already have, change your password or something because apparently people have been hacked by it. Or something like that. I'm not up with the terminology.

And post a journal about it too! Spread the word and keep dA safe from these evil people!

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